Have you ever wondered what limousine chauffeurs do beyond driving you to and from a destination? For professionals, being part of a leading chauffeur service entails much more than simply being someone behind the wheel. In fact, you’ll likely be surprised at how much a limousine chauffeur does, including maintenance checks and providing outstanding customer service.

Limousine Maintenance Is Key

Before you ever see your limousine coming around the corner or waiting for you at a prearranged location, the chauffeur has ensured your safety and comfort. Before leaving to pick you up, he checks all the necessary elements of the limo. The tires must be filled and the fuel tank should be topped off. Other maintenance items include checking to ensure all lighting is working, including turn signals and interior lights. Doing this before a job keeps everything running smoothly.

In addition, every quality chauffeur service includes a cleanliness check. A chauffeur must do more than take a quick look around the vehicle. Stringent processes are in place that necessitates an intense and thorough visual run-through of every aspect of the limo interior. No one wants to get in a disheveled, un-kept limousine, so the driver knows the importance of keeping the limousine pristine.

Chivalry in Action All the Time

When picking up passengers, a limousine driver acts with tremendous courtesy. Why should you have to open any doors? It’s not necessary when you have a chauffeur. This is just one of the many little things you can expect. Additionally, limo drivers will help with any packages or luggage you have. For instance, if you’re going to and from a wedding to a reception, you may have some items to transport. A limousine driver can also provide wheelchair assistance if necessary.

Rainy day? Sleet coming down? Snow threatening to ruin your outfit or hair? No need to worry when you hire a chauffeur limo service. The driver keeps umbrellas handy for these types of occasions.

Keeping Passengers Secure and Happy

Of course, the overall mission of any limousine chauffeur is the complete comfort of passengers. Every trip is an occasion to wow the guests, and drivers do their best to make riding in an upscale limousine a pure pleasure. From beginning to end, passengers should always feel pampered and safe. When they do, they can relax and enjoy the unique experience that comes with hiring a limo for the day or night.

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Being a limo driver requires a stewardship attitude and deference to others, not to mention a desire to do the best job possible. It isn’t a career for every person, but for the right people, it’s a wonderful chance to serve and impress.