A bachelor party is the perfect time to celebrate the groom before he gets married. As time-honored traditions, bachelor parties have been observed in different ways. A bachelor party scavenger hunt is guaranteed to be a memorable time for the groom and all your guests. 

The Planning Process 

Like any scavenger hunt, planning and figuring out all the details is essential to the success of the game. Decide specific rules, like how many people will participate and whether they will play in groups, pairs or individually. If your party is the same night as the bride’s, consider a bachelor versus bachelorette party scavenger hunt for extra competition.

Consider how long the game will last, too. Giving participants a time limit to gather as many items list as possible makes the game more thrilling. Give out prizes of different levels to keep everyone’s spirits up. Winners can get a sought-after prize, and losers can get a keepsake that reminds them they tried. 

Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunt List

Think about age, personal interests and the location of the hunt to create a list everyone will enjoy. To choose the winners, assign points to different items and award the people who find them accordingly. The list can be tailored entirely to your bachelor party, but we have some examples to get you started. 


Participants can be awarded 5 points for things like: 

  • Find a restaurant menu.
  • Take a photo posing in front of the groom’s favorite restaurant.
  • Find anything that starts with the letter B. 
  • Order a drink that’s the groom’s favorite color. 


Award 10 points for the following: 

  • Get a selfie with five strangers. 
  • Win a pool game. 
  • Find a funny picture of the groom.
  • Make someone laugh with a terrible joke. 
  • Find an empty roll of toilet paper.


These items get 15 points: 

  • Find another bachelor party.
  • Ask for a woman’s number. 
  • Get someone to buy you a drink. 
  • Find a stranger with the same name as the groom. 
  • Take a picture with a cardboard cutout of a famous person.

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