How to Have Fun on a Party Bus

Renting a party bus offers a great venue for any type of party or celebration. Many people believe a fun party bus experience requires alcohol, but there are tons of ways to have fun on a party bus for people of all ages.

Create a family-friendly atmosphere for birthday, wedding or sporting event celebrations. Celebrating on a party bus takes some preparation, but the payoff is more than worth it. Prepare an exciting trip with your friends and family packed with fun party bus games for a memorable experience.

What to Do on a Party Bus

What to Do on a Party Bus

Renting a party bus can be the start of a memorable night, no matter the occasion. The activities you do on the bus are just as important as building excitement for all your invitees. For that reason, we have compiled six fun things to do on a party bus for attendees of all ages:

Choose a Theme

1. Choose a Theme

Choosing a theme is a great way to get everyone excited for your night. Your theme options are limitless, and they may help you plan your activities for the trip. Set a dress code according to the theme to get everyone involved.

If you opt for a Halloween theme, your guests can wear fun costumes, carve pumpkins and snack on candy corn during the ride. A decade theme — such as the 80s or 90s — helps you easily choose the music, and apparel is easy to come by.

Sports-themed party buses can be decked out in team spirit for any and every sport, and you can listen to a live broadcast of a game everyone enjoys. If you want to keep it casual, a pajama party could emulate a sleepover from your childhood with your best friends.

Your theme could also relate to your destination. Dress to the nines and go to a cheap restaurant with your party bus for funny looks and an interesting experience. Renting a party bus is all about having fun, so choose a theme you and your guests can commit to.

2. Do Karaoke

Karaoke is a great way to include everyone on the bus in a fun experience. If you choose a theme, you can pre-select songs that help drive home the concept. Draw names out of a hat to decide who takes the stage, and give each participant 10-15 minutes to practice. Remember to prepare a list of songs before everyone arrives for a seamless experience.

Your songs, however, do not have to align with a theme. Allow your guests to choose any song they like and let them sing their hearts out. For a little competition, have a sing-off to determine the best vocalist on the bus.

3. Bring Along Games

Tons of card, board and trivia games make great entertainment for an exciting party bus experience. Card and board games are excellent for groups with a wide range of ages present. Uno, Go Fish, Apples to Apples and The Game of Life offer good options for game nights on a party bus.

Be sure to check with the party bus rental company to find out whether tables are available. The layout of some party buses may make it difficult to congregate everyone around a comfortable location. Many card or board games are available as apps on various mobile devices, so you could also preinstall the games for the utmost preparation!

4. Decorate the Bus

If you choose a theme, decorating the bus will make it come to life. Disco concepts may warrant a disco ball and glitter, and ghost decorations are fun for Halloween. Inexpensive holiday theme decorations are easy to find. If you feel extra creative, you can also create your own.

If you don’t have a theme, you could also decorate the bus according to your destination or occasion for celebration. For birthday parties, put up fun streamers, “happy birthday” signs and party hats to center the gathering around the guest of honor’s birthday. Weddings are fitting opportunities to rent a party bus, and you can decorate the bus with wedding-themed decor to honor the couple.

5. Play Dance Revolution

Do you and your guests like music but dislike singing? A dance party is a great way to build the energy on a party bus. Whether you choose songs in advance that match your theme or put on a random playlist, you and your guests can burn up the dance floor.

Keep in mind that the party bus will be in motion. Remember to be careful as you dance your hearts out. Check with the rental company in advance to ensure your party bus rental will have plenty of room to bust out all the best dance moves.

6. Color

After you spend all that energy on singing and dancing, you and your guests may need a break. Purchase some cheap coloring books or print out individual pages for your guests to color while you hold casual conversation and listen to music. Remember to bring coloring utensils — crayons, colored pencils or markers are all great options. If you bring colored pencils, a sharpener will come in handy!

Check with the rental company to find out if there are tables to use while you color. If not, bring along some clipboards or portable hard surfaces to put underneath the coloring sheets.

Party Bus Games for All Ages

Party Bus Games for All Ages

Party buses are fun for all ages when you plan properly. Include the kids in your family for a family-friendly celebration. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party or just want a reason to get together, a party bus offers an exciting venue for any kind of celebration for all ages.

You’ll want to make sure you keep everyone entertained, especially with kids. Here are six fun games to play on a party bus that will appeal to all ages:

1. Charades

Charades easily adapts to any venue, especially when you set a theme. You can either devise themed charades ideas in advance or solicit ideas from attendees. However, if you choose not to select a theme or your concept doesn’t offer easy ideas to act out, the game can still be tons of fun.

Remember that charades ideas need to be acted out in a practical way. Choose prompts that kids and adults alike can guess to ensure everyone feels included. Add an element of competition by offering a prize or reward for the person or team with the most points. Whether you bring the reward on the bus or purchase it at your destination, your guests will love receiving prizes!

2. Telephone

Start an old-fashioned game of telephone for a fun, family-friendly activity. One person at the front of the bus comes up with a phrase or sentence and whispers it to the person next to them. Each individual repeats what they heard to the person next to them until it reaches the last one on the bus, who shares the phrase or sentence with everyone else. Everyone can have a laugh at how different the end result is from the starting phrase!

Take turns coming up with prompts to travel around the bus. Beginning with a wide variety of phrases makes it even more difficult to accurately pass the message around the bus, and hearing the end result is extra funny when you devise the initial prompt on your own.

3. Statues

Many people enjoy dancing, and you can easily make a game out of it. To play statues, turn the music up and dance along. When the music stops, everyone must freeze as if they were a statue. Anyone who moves while the music is paused is out, and the last person on the dance floor wins.

Whether you play with pre-selected music or random songs, statues is fun for everyone. With this game, you can avoid the pressure of trying to find music everyone knows the words to. Kids and adults alike can participate in statues and have lots of fun trying to stay still on the bus. Offer a reward for winners to increase the competition.

4. Two Truths and a Lie

The rules for two truths and a lie are simple — every individual will give three statements about themselves. Two of the statements are true, but one is a lie. Everyone else must guess which statement is the lie. Test your knowledge about your friends or family and learn more about each other.

Two truths and a lie offers a great opportunity to get to know people. If you have a large group of people who are meeting for the first time on the bus, two truths and a lie can help them get acquainted. Share wild facts about yourselves and test your ability to lie to your close friends.

5. License Plate Scavenger Hunt

You can create numerous versions of a license plate scavenger hunt for passengers to participate in. Compile a list of license plate attributes for participants to find — this may include states, team representations or other vanity plates. You decide how to award points. Some variations declare the person who finds the most unique license plate as the winner, whereas others assign points for various plate attributes.

The license plate scavenger hunt works well for people of all ages, but it is easiest to play in the daytime when the sun shines bright. The game gets difficult to play with fewer visible license plates at night. This scavenger hunt also becomes much more interesting when the party bus is surrounded by cars.

6. What’s in the Bag?

People who carry handbags infamously accumulate random objects. Create a list of things that may be in a purse before the bus ride begins. Separate the passengers into groups and ensure each group has individuals with handbags. The game host then calls out an item, and the first group to produce that item from a handbag gets a point. For items that are less common, you may consider assigning a higher point value for rarity.

Party Bus Ideas for Adults

There are many occasions for which a party bus offers a great venue, but some of them do not suit children. Bachelor and bachelorette parties or nightclubs typically center around adults, which means there are more options for entertainment. While the previously mentioned ideas are still fun for adult parties, we have four more recommendations for how to have fun on a party bus.

1. Mixing Drinks

With proper preparation, a party bus is a great opportunity to try new drinks with your friends. Request that everyone bring a recipe for their favorite drink or cocktail to share with the rest of the passengers. You can try new things, have fun with your friends and introduce tasty new mixtures to the group.

2. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is an adult version of Apples to Apples that leads to lots of laughs. This game is inappropriate for kids, but a group of adults could have a great time with these hilarious cards. With expansion packs available, you can play a never-ending game of Cards Against Humanity with cards you may have never seen before. Remember to plan ahead — make sure the party bus has a table or surface to play the cards on.

3. Taste Testing

Bring along a blindfold and take turns sipping drinks, alcoholic or not. The tester must guess what they are drinking. If you want to make the game more interesting, include odd liquids like ketchup or oil in addition to the regular drinks. The tester may be in for a surprise when they take a small sip from a glass just to find out they are sipping on a condiment!

Make sure you are aware of everyone’s allergies for food and drink games like this — a party bus experience could be easily ruined or delayed if you have to take a trip to the hospital because of a mistake.

4. Drinking Games

We have already given plenty of games that are great for a party bus, but you can add an extra element of fun if you turn them into drinking games. Take a drink every time you see a license plate from a particular state or each time you incorrectly guess the prompt in charades.

Remember to always drink safely. Play drinking games and interchange your alcoholic drinks with another beverage, such as water, to ensure you enjoy all of your time on the party bus. Your rental is much more fun when you’re present for all of it.

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