Corporate Event Transportation Services

Quality corporate event and transportation services are a must. Not only can a private motorcoach rental show your employees that you take them and their value to the company seriously, but it can also help you make sure needed personnel arrive at the event on time and prepared to meet the company’s goals for the event.

Charter Bus Service for Corporate Events with Premiere #1 Limousine Service

Premiere #1 Limousine Service has a wide range of vehicles to accommodate your needs. You can bring your entire department in a luxury motorcoach for corporate events. Our vehicles are meticulously cleaned, come with highly-trained professional drivers, are affordable and are the best way to get your entire team to an event in an around the Harrisburg and Hershey, Pennsylvania, areas quickly, safely and comfortably.

We offer a wide range of corporate transportation services, including:

Airport Transfer

If you and your team need help getting from an airport in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, D.C., Maryland and other nearby areas, Premiere #1 Limousine Service can help. The last thing you want to worry about before a big corporate event is how to get to the hotel or event from the airport. Trying to organize getting the whole team out of the airport on your own can cause confusion, delays and stress.

Our drivers know their way around the airport and can get you out and to your destination fast, safely and in comfort.

Convention and Group Travel

Traveling to a convention is another great opportunity to take advantage of Premiere Limousine #1 Service. When you’re attending a convention and representing your company, team cohesion is very important. You want to arrive as a team and work together as a team when you get to the convention site.

Using a luxury van, minibus or motorcoach from Premiere #1 Limousine Service means you won’t have to worry about when different team members show up or whether you will be able to find them when you get to the venue. You all arrive together and you can plan your strategy on the ride over rather than worrying about traffic, directions or any of the other stresses of travel.

Executive Service

If you are traveling to a company to give a presentation on behalf of your business, it’s very important to put your best foot forward. That can be hard to do if you’re stressed out by the challenges of getting to the location.

With one of our luxury SUVs or premium sedans, you can focus on getting to the meeting while we worry about getting you there. When you arrive in one of our spotless vehicles with your driver exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism, those receiving your presentation will know you take their business seriously and are arriving ready to work.

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