Knowing exactly what a charter bus looks like can be helpful for several reasons. Maybe you’re joining a tour group and want to be fully prepared before you climb on the bus, or maybe you’re thinking of renting a charter bus for an activity with friends or family and want to ensure it meets your needs. Here’s everything you need to know about what a charter bus looks like inside.

Common Charter Bus Features

People usually ask several common questions about the interior of these vehicles, like whether charter buses have a bathroom or Wi-Fi. These are all great questions, and knowing the answers to them will help you prepare for your next charter bus trip. Some features you’ll find inside these vehicles include:


The seats in a charter bus are designed for comfort. They’re typically cushy with a reclining option and a comfortable headrest. Exact seat spacing depends on the bus — some charter buses have two seats on each side of the aisle, while others have three. Whether your goal is to sit with your best friend or meet someone new, you should have plenty of space. If you need extra accommodation, let your trip leader know.


Yes, charter buses do have a bathroom! Because these buses serve large groups and often travel long distances, it’s essential for them to have restrooms available. These spaces are similar to the bathrooms you’ll encounter on an airplane. They’re compact and clean, and they feature a toilet that empties into a covered holding tank.

Knowing how to use the bathroom on a charter bus before your trip can be helpful to ensure your peace of mind. These areas are usually located at the back of the bus. Once you lock the door, a lighted sign will let other passengers know you’re inside. Once you’re finished, flush the toilet with the blue formaldehyde solution and wash your hands to keep everything sanitary and odor-free.

Outlets and Wi-Fi

Not every charter bus has free Wi-Fi and outlets, but most modern buses do. Charter buses that are booked for long distances are more likely to have these amenities since there’s a higher chance that passengers will need them. If you rent a high-end charter bus, you may even have personal television screens that provide entertainment during the journey.

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