Riding on a charter bus can add a lot of fun to your next adventure. However, if you experience motion sickness or claustrophobia or want to enjoy the view as you travel, you might worry about getting a good seat. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about how to find the best seat on a charter bus.

You Get Motion Sick

If you suffer from motion sickness, picking seats located over the wheels and in the middle of the bus would be beneficial for you. You might also want to choose seats that allow a clear view forward — aisle seats are often the best choice because you can see the horizon at all times.

You’d Like More Space

If you’re concerned about not having enough space, the best place to sit on a bus trip is usually an aisle seat. This is because you might feel trapped in a window seat since there’s another person between you and the aisle. In the end, though, you can choose the space that works best for you.

You Want to Sleep

If your goal is to sleep, sitting by a window is helpful because you won’t have to get up to let others out. Also, you might want to consider sitting toward the front, since people going in and out of the bathroom at the back of the bus might disturb you.

You Want a Good View

When you are traveling through a scenic area and want the best view, there are several good options. Seats close to the front of a bus often have the best view forward. Window seats can also be great options for seeing the view, but they typically don’t offer good visibility for the other side of the bus.

You Want a Smooth Ride

You may want to leave some space between you and the back of the bus if you would prefer a smooth ride. Back seats are notorious for being more bouncy and causing motion sickness. The most comfortable seats on a bus tend to be toward the front of the vehicle or directly over the wheels.

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