Congratulations to our very own Jonathan Snavely! He was the top fundraiser for the Harrisburg MS Leadership Class of 2013, bringing in $3,530.40.  These contributions along with the additional $25,000.00 raised by other class members will make an immediate difference for everyone who must face the unpredictable nature of multiple sclerosis.

Thank you for sponsoring me in support of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society!  I am so grateful for everyone’s support which helped me achieve my fund raising goal.  Because of your help, my participation in this event is more powerful and brings us closer to ending the devastating effects of MS.

I am grateful for all of the donations received; however I am especially grateful to the chauffeurs of Premiere #1 Limousine who generously donated a combined $1,555.40. Wow! This truly shows the generosity and type of employees that work here.

Thank you again for your generous support.

Jonathan Snavely

P.S. If you would like more information about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, how proceeds from this event are used, or the other ways you can get involved in the fight against MS, please visit