Limousine Renting Tip of The Week – Size Does Matter

At Premiere, we take many steps to make sure our vehicles are in top condition.  All of our vehicles are on a strict preventive maintenance schedule that exceeds Federal and State regulations.  

Limousines are machines. They unfortunately get flat tires and the hoses and seals rip like any other vehicle. Unless you rent a “backup vehicle,” most companies will have to scramble to transport you, should there be a problem.  

If you choose a company that has fewer than 10 vehicles the likelihood of them having a replacement is less likely than a company that has 30 vehicles.   When making your decision, ask how many vehicles they have and what type of maintenance they receive.  Take it one step further and visit the business to make sure they are telling you the truth.  

We love it when clients stop by and say hello.  We are proud to show you our entire operation.  Always remember, at Premiere #1 Limousine Service, our service is premier and our customers are #1.