People are often unsure of the appropriate amount to tip their driver, what to do about unprofessional behavior or whether the gratuity is added into the bill. Tipping your limo driver should be the least of your worries on your special night. 

Most companies automatically add an automatic 18-20% surcharge that they claim includes the driver’s gratuity.  Most times, the driver never sees the portion that is supposed to be the gratuity.  At Premiere, the gratuity amount is always at our client’s discretion.  

Typically a chauffeur is tipped between 10 and 20 percent of the total charge. Chauffeurs prefer a cash gratuity; however it can also be added to a credit card before or after the trip takes place. 

Observe your driver throughout the night. Was he knowledgeable about the area? Did he accommodate your requests? Did he help you with bags and getting in and out of the car? Take mental notes of when he did more than the minimum. If he acted unprofessional at any point, take down his name so you can give us a call. Unprofessional service is not appropriate at any point (please note that unprofessional service does not include being strict about not allowing illegal activity such as drug use, underage drinking and smoking).