Recently we received a phone call from Christopher Wilczek, KW Limousine Service Owner from Nuremberg, Germany. Christopher explained that he was detailing one of his limousines and found one of our business cards tucked down beneath the seats.

How did one of our business cards get into a limousine 4,100 miles away?


Premiere #1 Limousine Service has provided luxury transportation services in Central PA for 12 years. In March 2009, a new owner acquired the business and expanded the fleet to include S and E Class Mercedes, SUVs, passenger vans, corporate limousines, minibuses and luxury coaches. Some of the older limousines the new owner acquired with the sale of the business did not meet his higher standards, so they were sold to a dealer in Oaklyn, NJ.

One of the limousines sold was a 2001, eight-passenger, white Lincoln stretch; this is how our business card ended up in Germany. Well, not only our business card, but our entire white stretch limousine too.

At the same time, Premiere was going through a change in ownership, Christopher was just starting his limousine company and needed some vehicles.  He started searching the internet and came across a “beautiful” white limousine. He had the limousine shipped to Germany and immediately added it to his small fleet.

Hopefully, we do not offend Christopher, but I think this proves the phrase: one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This treasure is raking in more money per hour for Christopher than we were charging when we had it here is the US.

Christopher loves his white stretch limousine so much that he wanted to know if we had any more to sell.
We will definitely keep Christopher in mind when it is time to retire another limousine.